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Former Master thesis



Environmental impact from space efficient dwellings - Can space efficient multi-family dwellings be beneficial to reduce the environmental impact from housing?

Astrid Berglund and David Cederbom


The environmental potential of hybrid load bearing systems - A Life Cycle Assessment of a Skanska residential reference house

Arvid Brandt and Henrik Sonesson


Methods to inventory and potential to reduce energy use in renovated multi-family buildings built before 1945

Gustav Thuresson


Impact of facade glazing on energy demand and indoor environmental quality

Bjartur Guangze Hu


Simple correlations between thermal comfort and daylight availability in residential buildings

Night cooling in commercial buildings

Emmy Dahlström and Linus Rönn




Suggestions for adjustment of ByggaF to improve the current use and suit the process of renovation

Patrik Olsson and Elin Tjäder


ENKLA - Energy Mapping Model for the Construction of Apartment Buildings - A Method proposal for Peab Construction

Madeleine Fahlström and Ronja Arvidsson


Daylight in Existing Buildings - A Comparative Study of Calculated Indicators for Daylight

Sara Eriksson and Lovisa Waldenström


Renovation of brick buildings constructed 1870-1930 - Investigation of the thermal envelope in renovated and re-renovated dwellings

Lukas Lång and Efraim Sandgren


Potential Performance Improvements of Floor Heating Systems in Light-weight Floors - A Numerical Study of HSB Living Lab

Victoria Stigemyr Hill


Yearly Variations in Airtightness of Detached Wooden Houses: Simulations and Laboratory Measurements to Investigate Causes and Consequences

Fredrik Domhagen


Enhancing the building performance of low-cost schools in Pakistan - A study of natural ventilation, thermal comfort and moisture safety

Erika Alatalo





Textile reinforced green concrete with new types of insulation materials


Sandra Bentland, MSc

Parameters and indicators in Miljöbyggnad – a comparative study of simplified methods and simulations


Anna Göransson, MSc, and Susann Götarsson, MSc

A practical method for evaluation of thermal transmittance of building envelopes


Emma Brycke, MSc, and Janicke Nielsen, MSc

Energy conservation in buildings by optimized night coolin


Anna Larsson, MSc





Analysis of the Influence of Natural and Forced Convection in Cold Attics – A CFD Analysis


Andreas Bengtsson, MSc, and Victor Fransson, MSc



Feasibility study of functionalized graphene for compatibility with cement hydrates and reinforcement steel


Sofia Sideri, MSc



Decreasing g-value by Combining Internal Solar Screen and Exhaust Ventilation.


A Numerical Study on what Parameters Affect the Possible Reduction


Emil Gustafsson, MSc, and Fredrik Säfblad, MSc



Energy performance and indoor climate investigations in the passive house residential area Vallda Heberg


Håkan Jimmerfors, MSc, and Julia Östberg, MSc



The impact of life expectancy of building materials in Life Cycle Assessment


Jonas Lundgren



Adaptable Design for the HSB Living Lab flexible, co-created spaces in student housing >>


Paul Balay, MSc, Shea Hagy, MSc



Hygrothermal Performance of a Light-weight Timbr Framed Wall Assembly with Exterior Air-tight Layer


Staffan Sjöberg, MSc, Duncan Watt, MSc



Adaptive building envelopes


Hanna Modin, MSc



Impact of Thermal Mass on Energy and Comfort - A parametric study in a temperate and a tropical climate


Carlos Eduardo Mora Juarez , MSc >>






Enhancement of Villa Vänern. Achieving the grade GOLD in the Swedish environmental classification system Miljöbyggnad >>


Tommie Månsson, MSc and Jesper Johansson, MSc



Retrofitting an old warehouse using vacuum insulation panels: hygrothermal analysis and life cycle cost assessment >>


Augustine Lauby, MSc



Energy efficiency potential of the European building stock: Case study for Germany


Tillman Gauer, MSc



Users impact on energy consumption in a low energy building>>


Anders Fremling, MSc



Air infiltration through building entrances >>


Nicklas Karlsson, MSc





Evaluation of the effect of impact under installation on the performance of concrete cover for protection of ductile iron pipe - Analysis of the possible corrosion caused by the Göteborg ground >>


Héctor Pérez García



Stability of air bubbles in fresh concrete >>


Qi Yang



The behavior of aerogel blankets as insulation material in external walls at high temperatures >>


Olaya Ciruela Pérez



Floor cooling systems, risk and possibilities >>


Josef Johnsson, Linnéa Westerlund



Sustainability of building insulation materials


Elsa Wald



Methods and potentials to reduce peaks in heating power demand in multi-residential buildings >>


Carl Molander, Måns Olofsson



Daylight and thermal comfort in a residential passive house >>


Magnus Heier, Magnus Österbring



Energy use in hospital wards. An analysis based on activity related key performance indicators


Jimmy Lycke



Domestic Hot Water - an Energy Approach. Application of heat pumps for residential apartment buildings


Caroline Rocheron



Styr- och övervakningssystem i ett sjukhus. En inventering av befintliga system och framtida möjligheter


Johan Kensby, Rasmus Olsson







Bamboo and wheat straw as a green building composite material


Katarina Bäcklund



Design and Optimization of Underground Heat Storage Systems (UHSS)


David van Reenen



Evaluation of Heat and Moisture Induced Stress and Strain on Historic Buildings due to Climate Change


Natalie Williams Portal



Thermal bridges at foundations: Evaluation of heat calculation methods


Hanes Nyberg



Energy Efficient Windows


Cristina Garcia Linera and Claudio Alvarez Gonzalez



Evaluation of energy improving exterior wall renovation measures for multifamily houses built 1961-1975


Mikael Eriksson Andin



Analysis of Methods to Calculate Air Infiltration for Use in Energy Calculations


Axel Berge



Simulation of heat/cold storage integrated with a non-residential building using ground pipes


Lisa Olausson



Cooling system for solar housing in the Middle East


Matthieu Maerten, Aude Tan Helene



Methods of increasing thermal efficiency of a counter flow Air to Air Heat Exchanger. An investigation of parameters influence on the thermal efficiency.


Karl Larsson, Fredrik Pihlquist



Computer based tools in the HVAC design process. Interface and data transfer between modeling in Revit and supporting draw- and simulation tools (especially with focus on handling geometries and information-/data transfer).


Jonas Sandberg



Feed-forward Control of Indoor Climate in Office Buildings. A measurement study to indicate internal heat and emissions generated by humans.


Christoffer Isaksson, Marcus Johansson







House inside a glass house – the green house effect


Lena Wallin



Freeze/Thaw Durability of Concrete with Fly Ash


Anna Knutsson



Uncertainties in energy calculations and their effect upon the results of theoretical specific energy usage


Anders Ljungberg, Martin Jansson



Classification of buildings with regard to airtightness


Yanke Zou



Concept of an Environmentally Effective Solution for a Building


Petr Schorsch



Principer för vattenburna värmesystem. Konstant och variabelt flöde.


Martin Olsson



Asphalt Solar Collector and Borehole Storage; Design study for a small residential building area


Nicolas Siebert, Eleftherios Zacharakis



Dispersion of small particles into operating rooms due to door openings


Niklas Gustavsson



Tryckförhållanden I och runt operationsrum. Möjligheter till kontroll av partikelspridning.


Lars Hellman



Ventilationsprinciper I prefabricerade bostadshus - en studie av Skanskas concept ModernaHus.


Henrik Bengtsson



Det europeiska vävnadsdirektivets inverkan på utformning av vårdlokaler.


Jonas Thollander







How will the future climate affect the Swedish building stock? Energy use and thermal climate simulations


Peter Carlsson, Anders Rimbäck



Energy Performance in Multi-family Dwellings: Deviations between Forecasted and Measured Energy Use


Eric Eliasson, Peter Lindström



Roof Constructions with Controlled and Natural Ventilation: Field Measurements and Mold Growth Potential Assessment


Pär Johansson



Extrapolation of fan pressurization measurements from low to standard pressure ranges


Eline Geurts



Internal pressure conditions for a hospital ward. Measurements, modelling and parametric study


Jenny Lundwall, Gudrun Helga Jonsdottir



Optimerade klimatlösningar för köpcenter. En parameterstudie i IDA Indoor Climate & Energy


Simon Roos






Passivhusteknik i ett svenskt klimat - en byggnadsfysikalisk riskinventering och erfarenhetssammanställning av befintliga passivhusprojekt


Linda Martinsson



Energy and cost perspectives in the refurbishment project of a listed building


Sonja Ritscher



Airtightness in dwellings with clay hollow masonry blocks – Determination of infiltration rates and air leakages with buildings made of porotherm masonry blocks


Simon Pallin







Fukt på kallvindar - en kartläggning av småhus i Västra Götalands län


Carolina Ahrnens, Emma Borglund



Livslängdsdimensionering av betongkonstruktioner


Anders Bernholdsson, Per-Arne Andersson



Energy simulation of rooms with controlled active mass


Vahid Moussavi Nik



Livscykelkostnadsanalys av småhus – en jämförelse av Boverkets energikrav och ett lågenergihus


Karl Andersson, Tommy Chiaussa



Fasader till industriella byggsystem - metodik för värdering av fasadsystem


Kajsa Flodberg, Karin Lundberg



Fuktskador i byggnader – hur kan information sammanställas och kunskap återföras?


Josefin Nilsson, Jonas Ejner



Energikartläggning och förslag till en minskad energianvändning i HDK-huset


Carl Palstam, Lisa Håkansson

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